Shirkat Gah has produced widely lauded documentaries on several topics such as grassroots feminist movements, violence against women, peace and plurality, women’s access to public space, and how women are fighting back against systematic patriarchy in their own ways across Pakistan. These are available free for viewing.

Actors of Change

PEHL Documentary

Whirling in the Dark

Dar ul aman

Domestic Violence

Safe Age Marriage

Hyderabad Mela (Highlights)

Sahel kay Muhafiz

Two Steps Forward

The Unsung Peasant

Selling Off Another Piece of Our World

An Untold People's History_Part_3

An Untold People's History_Part_2

An Untold People's History_Part_1

Pray The Devil Back to Hell_Part_2

Pray The Devil Back to Hell_Part_1

Peace in Swat

Mumtaz Bach sakti thi

Freedom Sisters

Do Qadam Dur

Sindhi Language

A Small Dream

Rising From The Rubble

The Swollen Rivers

Changing Tides

Whirling in the Dark (Highlight_2)

Underway since July 2015, Humjoli has provided opportunities to women and men across the four provinces of the country to claim public spaces in a bid to promote cultural expression and foster community harmony amongst citizens. In the wake of the rising tide of extremism and intolerance at grassroots level, the project involves an interactive activity, the Mandli, whereby groups of men in four field sites (Swat (KP), Shahdadkot (Sindh), Muzaffarabad (Punjab) and Jaffarabad (Balochistan)) perform sufi kalam in public, spreading the messages of peace and pluralism embedded in sufi poetry. Here is a second teaser on the progress of the initiative so far - on August 26th, 2016, Shirkat Gah paid homage to the legendary sufi poet, Baba Bulleh Shah, at the eve of his 259th urs where Mandli groups from across Pakistan gathered and performed sufi kalam, joined by hundreds who had made their way to the city to pay their respects. Keep watching this space for a full documentary to be released soon!

Domestic Violence

Purple: The Color of Change

Full Documentary

Purple: The Color of Change


Still Marching On

Open Mic Promo

Mandlee Promo

Justice for Zainab (Protest in Hydrabad, Sawat, Vehari)

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16 Days of Activism_2017

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