Our Vision

A just, vibrant and democratic society in which:

  • Women are fully empowered;
  • Human rights and dignity are enjoyed by all equally without discrimination, and
  • Where peace prevails and resources and opportunities are ensured on a sustainable and equitable basis.

Our Mission

We strive to:

  • Strengthen women as rights holders to claim their rights and redefine existing parameters of State and society:
  • Advocate and mobilize for gender equality and social justice, promoting equitable policies and practices from the local to the global and back again;
  • Hold the State accountable for equal rights, security and dignity of all and the sustainable and equitable use of resources;
  • Promote a culture of peace, democracy and pluralism and resist the use of culture and religion by State and non-State actors to deny women’s rights, and
  • Flourish as an inclusive, vibrant, pro-active feminist organization.