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"The study finds that the leading cause of abortion in Morocco is unwanted pregnancy (DHS 2011), caused by the... https://t.co/msUvbxzvbP
In the Sri Lankan study exploring interlinkages between religious fundamentalism and women's SRHR, the team from... https://t.co/GmwZCQVyUv
Why have government efforts failed when it comes to family planning practices in Pakistan? read the SG report,... https://t.co/7N8K6jf4Ga
Our report, "The Impact of Fundamentalist Discourses on Family Planning Practices in Pakistan" is now online!... https://t.co/cTdGjsq4JK
Coming soon: An SG report on the intersections between religious fundamentalism and family planning in Pakistan,... https://t.co/WIzVFGx7cB
Even though the legal age of marriage in Pakistan is 16 years for girls, it is still considered an early age... https://t.co/VErvV2k7Nw
On 16-17 January 2017, Shirkat Gah participated in a workshop facilitated by WILDAF/IDRC on "Measuring social... https://t.co/ihVnoItyPn
On 16th January 2017, under the WHRAP project, SG facilitated a visit with 15 probationary officers from customs,... https://t.co/UrLQg4au30
On 17th January 2017, under the WHRAP project, Shirkat Gah facilitated a visit by CSS officers to district... https://t.co/jbx8v7RSSZ